Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My New Toy

Today was a nice day for me. It was upgrade day! I have owned several cell phones. If I stop and think about it, I can probably count how many I have had. Ok, I just did that...I have had 7, and today I got my my eighth.
I have never got a "good" phone. I have always settled for a cheap one, or whatever phone was having a promotion. My last phone was the LG Chocolate. Functionally, it was a great phone...at least for me. Elaine had three of them and had all sorts of problems, but mine never gave me problems. I just did not like the overall feel, and the sensitivity of the various buttons.
When Elaine's last Chocolate died in November, she upgraded to a new phone, an LG EnV2. It is a very nice phone and she absolutely loves it. While browsing the store while she was getting set up, I noticed that BlackBerry's had come down considerably in price. I said to her, I am going to get a BB when I am eligible for a new phone. The Pearl, was the entry level model and was able to be had for virtually nothing. After talking to people, they all said, "forget the Pearl, get a curve" (the midlevel model).
So, up until recently, I had my heart set on the BlackBerry Curve, that is until, I played with my neighbor's iPhone last week. I absoulutely loved the touchscreen. I then decided that on 2/17, when I was eligible, I would be getting the brand new BlackBerry Storm.
I walked into the Verizon Wireless store today like a kid in a toy store. When the sales person asked if she could help me I said, "yes, its upgrade day, and I am here for a banging new phone." When she asked if I had any ideas, I replied eagerly, "I want the Storm!"
After programming it and activitating it to the BlackBerry Service, I was ready to go with my new smartphone. I spent most of the day figuring it out, the various capabilities, plugging in my calendar information, and of course, buying new ringtones.
I must say, I am thrilled to finally get the phone I wanted. So many times, I said, "no, i don't need or want it." This time however, I am looking forward to being connected, not to work, but to friends, to fantasy sports, to news. We live in a connected society, and I have officially joined on. It seems every hour or so, I discover a new feature on the BlackBerry. Just an hour ago, I downloaded the Yankees mobile application. It is pretty cool.
I think I see now why the President was adamant not to give his up.


Blogger Dave said...

Nice....when my Blackberry died I was moved to the Palm Treo, which was a bad move. The Treo email system "Good Messanger" keeps going down. I was without email for a month, got it back for two days and it went down again. Today THQ sent out an email suggesting that everyone stick with the Blackberry.

Friday, February 20, 2009 7:25:00 PM  
Blogger Evie said...

I hated Dave's BB and I don't like his Treo much either. I don't want a fancy cellular phone - I want a phone that takes and receives calls. I know I sound like a Luddite, but, really if I want to take pictures I'll use a camera that takes good quality photos. If I want to send email or connect to the Internet, I'll use a device with a decent keyboard and a screen I can read. Having said all that, I hope you enjoy your new toy. The Yankee feature alone will probably make it worth your while.

Saturday, February 21, 2009 9:21:00 AM  
Blogger Christian Camuti said...

The Treo has real tiny buttons. That would drive me nuts. My touch screen QWERTY keyboard works great and has an auto correct.

Sunday, February 22, 2009 3:19:00 PM  

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