Friday, August 12, 2011

Recent Rants...

Wow, hello again blogosphere! It's been too long. I have kept up with family blogs, but with the Facebook revolution, I became lazy with blogging. Maybe I will change this, maybe I won't, but I'm here now, so lets roll.

A lot has happened in the last year, divorce, career change, and new love. It's amazing when I look back at the last year and ponder how much my life has changed. It's all been for the most part good, and I am in a very happy place right now. I couldn't say that for the last several years.

It's amazing how a single event can have so much effect on one's life. My divorce had an effect on time with children, career, living arrangements. Should that be? I would tend to think no, but that could be a blog for another day. I definitely don't feel like going there today!

It's hard to believe that summer 2011 is almost over! Labor day is in 3 weeks! Wow, where does the time go? At least I do know where my Christmas tree is! Perhaps I will actually put one up this year!

Politicians in Washington are a hot mess are they not? Why can't they just put party aside and fix the country? Now we have the start of a Presidential race, so the mud slinging will begin in earnest. I read recently that Obama's team is ready to "beat" Mitt Romney. If the economy doesn't improve, I'm thinking Mr. Obama will need a lot more than his hired best. The 280+ million Americans are a fickle group and will vote for anyone different in a time of domestic crisis. I don't think the brightest republican is the answer either, but we need our elected officials to roll up their sleeves and go to work!

On a bright note, I decided to do a tune up on my car, my first ever. The car I bought in March is a low mileage older car, but had a clean CarFax report so I went ahead and bought it. It did however, run rough with the A/C on. I utilized the free diagnostic service at AutoZone and determined it needed a tune up. I had the AutoZone associate explain to me what I needed to do, and then spent the next 90 minutes tuning up my car. It runs so much better and I can use my A/C without it running rough! I guess I am getting resourceful in my old age!

The Yankees are doing ok. It would seem that they will clinch a playoff berth unless they fall flat the last 6 weeks. October should be fun. Will we get a NY/Boston LCS? That would make for some long, stressful nights.

I took my kids to an air museum today and assisted them with a flight simulator. Had a huge ego boost when the museum staff asked if I was a pilot when they saw me assisting my kids land a Cessna in the simulator. Both kids landed the plane with my assistance.

Just some rants on this cooler New England night. Until next time...


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