Saturday, March 28, 2009

My 2nd Home...Section 237

Yesterday, I received the telephone call I have been waiting all winter for. I received a call from the New York Yankees regarding my relocation and season ticket plan for the new stadium. I have been on pins and needles all winter, thinking that I might be squeezed out of the new stadium based on my relatively low (2 year) seniority and the fact that I also get the smallest ticket package.

I was given a few seating options including the terrace level and main level, but I am a bleacher guy. So for slightly more than a price of a movie, I can go see the New York Yankees in their brand new home, and see Mariano Rivera close out a game, Mark Teixeira hit a homer to score a few runs, and see Derek Jeter inside out a clutch hit.

My new home is Section 237. It is a significant change from last year where I was in the right field bleachers with the world renowned "Bleacher Creatures," but I am nonetheless thrilled to be in the new stadium. As a result, I now have a home in the new stadium for as long as I see fit and as long as I can afford. Here is a computer generated image with Section 237 circled in red.
The seats look convenient to monument park, and the Center Field Food Court. When I go to my first game this season on April 17th, we are purposely getting there very early so that we can wander around a bit and check out the new digs.

So there you have it. I am a very happy Yankee fan and have been on Cloud 9 since yesterday around 1:00 PM.