Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Camera--Trip to New York

For the past year or so I have kicked around the notion of getting a new camera. I guess it comes from using my neighbors camera and being impressed with it. Her camera is a very high end Sony point and shoot with a nice digital zoom.

While sitting in an officers councils last week, I received a text from my sister Tracy telling me she was going to be buying a video camera for our upcoming cruise in 4 weeks and change. I replied to her that I really wish I could get a new camera. Well after saying that, I began to conspire in my mind a way to be able to get said camera.

When I got home that afternoon, I jumped on the computer, and began looking at point and shoots. I found 2 that I liked, one Sony, and one Canon. The Canon didn't use a lithium ion battery pack but relied on AA batteries. I purchased the point and shoot that I was using with a battery pack to avoid changing batteries, so that was struck out. I then decided to see what a low end SLR camera would run and I was surprised to see for a legligible price increase I would be able to purchase the camera I have always wanted...a Canon EOS Rebel.
Well, I fired a quick text message to Elaine, explaining the financing of the camera and she told me, "sure, you're crazy LOL" I got on and placed my order.

The following weekend (this past weekend) was Youth Councils for our division and Elaine was going to be away for the whole weekend. I really wanted to do something special for my kids on Saturday. I didn't want to be around the TV, Computer all day, but instead I wanted to spend the whole day with them and give them a memorable day. I decided to take them to New York City for the day. We took the train from New Haven into Grand Central Terminal. We then hopped on the NYC Subway to Battery Park where we boarded a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. We spent a good couple of hours on Liberty Island and then headed uptown to 30 Rock (GE Building) to the Top of the Rock Observatory on the 67th-70th floors. We enjoyed wonderful views from 800 or so feet above midtown Manhattan.

Part of my madness was to use my camera to document all of this. Please check out some of the pictures...
In closing, I know it has been awhile since I have blogged, but I anticipate blogging more often in the days ahead.