Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Well she is on her way...Hurricane Irene. The hype was building all week. Last evening, the humidity arrived, this morning the showers arrived, and this afternoon, more steady rain began to fall. Overnight, the wind will arrive along with torrential rain.

Working at The Home Depot has been rather interesting this week. Generators first flew off the shelfs, then flew off trucks upon arrival. D batteries went first, followed by C Batteries and 6 volts. Today people were buying downspouts and pipes to draw the water away from their homes.

I am now home to ride out the storm. Food is stocked. We have propane for the grill, cars are gassed up, and we have enough food to last for a few days. Prior to going to bed, the tub will be filled with a water supply in case we lose our water supply. One of my main concerns is Jasmine being able to go outside to do her thang!!!

Connecticut appears that it will have a landfall sometime during mid morning tomorrow (8/28). It should be a rather interesting day and a half.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Recent Rants...

Wow, hello again blogosphere! It's been too long. I have kept up with family blogs, but with the Facebook revolution, I became lazy with blogging. Maybe I will change this, maybe I won't, but I'm here now, so lets roll.

A lot has happened in the last year, divorce, career change, and new love. It's amazing when I look back at the last year and ponder how much my life has changed. It's all been for the most part good, and I am in a very happy place right now. I couldn't say that for the last several years.

It's amazing how a single event can have so much effect on one's life. My divorce had an effect on time with children, career, living arrangements. Should that be? I would tend to think no, but that could be a blog for another day. I definitely don't feel like going there today!

It's hard to believe that summer 2011 is almost over! Labor day is in 3 weeks! Wow, where does the time go? At least I do know where my Christmas tree is! Perhaps I will actually put one up this year!

Politicians in Washington are a hot mess are they not? Why can't they just put party aside and fix the country? Now we have the start of a Presidential race, so the mud slinging will begin in earnest. I read recently that Obama's team is ready to "beat" Mitt Romney. If the economy doesn't improve, I'm thinking Mr. Obama will need a lot more than his hired best. The 280+ million Americans are a fickle group and will vote for anyone different in a time of domestic crisis. I don't think the brightest republican is the answer either, but we need our elected officials to roll up their sleeves and go to work!

On a bright note, I decided to do a tune up on my car, my first ever. The car I bought in March is a low mileage older car, but had a clean CarFax report so I went ahead and bought it. It did however, run rough with the A/C on. I utilized the free diagnostic service at AutoZone and determined it needed a tune up. I had the AutoZone associate explain to me what I needed to do, and then spent the next 90 minutes tuning up my car. It runs so much better and I can use my A/C without it running rough! I guess I am getting resourceful in my old age!

The Yankees are doing ok. It would seem that they will clinch a playoff berth unless they fall flat the last 6 weeks. October should be fun. Will we get a NY/Boston LCS? That would make for some long, stressful nights.

I took my kids to an air museum today and assisted them with a flight simulator. Had a huge ego boost when the museum staff asked if I was a pilot when they saw me assisting my kids land a Cessna in the simulator. Both kids landed the plane with my assistance.

Just some rants on this cooler New England night. Until next time...